OTG Buying Tips


Use of  OTG?:
OTG is Oven-Toaster-Griller. It is a mini oven which can be used to bake cakes, toast bread, and also reheat small amounts of food. In this, food takes longer time to cook, compared to microwave. OTG has heating elements both on the ceiling and the roof of the oven. You have the choice of either one or both coils to heat your oven. For grilling, you need to heat the top coil and for normal baking, you need both coils to be heated. OTG (Oven Toaster and Griller) uses a heating filament as used in a water geyser or ordinary room heater to cook food. It adds direct heat to food to cook it. A Micro wave oven cooks food by generating friction between the molecules of food item, by producing microwaves. The food cooked in Microwave oven maintains its Nutrition value in comparison to an OTG. Though an OTG is slow but the price of an OTG is much less than a microwave oven. You can heat food safely in a microwave, but if you are not an enthusiastic home baker, all you need is the microwave oven. If you want to bake cakes and cookies, OTG is your best bet. But if you buy the OTG, you need not buy a toaster, and a grill. That saves you some money right away.
Why go for OTG?:
An OTG is for those who consider cooking to be well worth the effort and time. An OTG is for those who consider microwave as an instant appliance. There are those who like their food to cook gradually so that the ingredients used are well cooked and the flavor is mingled and balanced. Clearly, an OTG is for those who enjoy whipping up those indescribably delicious delicacies. Here's something that will get the non-cooking population interested. An OTG is a very affordable option. It can cost you
anywhere between Rs 2,000 to Rs 6,500. The price varies depending on the capacity. Entry-level OTGs start at Rs 1,499. While high-end ones with 34-liter capacity go up to Rs 6,270.
However, before you invest in an OTG, it is necessary to figure out the capacity you will need. Oven capacity refers to
the size of the oven cavity where you place the container to grill, bake or heat. A larger-sized oven can hold larger
containers but costs more. You need to take your family size and the size of the dish you would normally cook, into consideration.
Family Size (Members) Oven Capacity (Litres) Price Range (Rs)
2 Small (Less than 19) 2,000-3,500
4 Medium (20 to 29) 4,700-5,500
6 Large (More than 30) 4,150-6,500
Rotisserie helps in uniform grilling of the food. It may or may not be a part of an OTG. A motorized rotisserie is easier
to operate as compared to the manual rotisserie. If you are a vegetarian and mostly cook regular traditional food at home,  then a rotisserie isn't really required. However, if you do like making tandoori items, vegetarian or non-vegetarian grilled dishes, then you should go in for an OTG with rotisserie. The price range for this type will be anywhere between  Rs 3,500 – Rs 6,500. Those of you, who are strict non-vegetarians, make sure you go in for OTGs with motorized rotisserie; these aren’t very expensive.
OTG Functions:
Barbecuing: Great for making kebabs, paneer tikkas, etc.
Keep warm: Consumes less electricity, ensures that the food remains at the right temperature and retains the nutritional value.
Roasting: This feature is very useful for roasting foodstuff like peanuts, browning meat, etc.
Auto thermostat: Helps to maintain a constant set temperature for the duration of the cooking, avoids overcooking/overheating of the oven.
Chamber light: The light inside the chamber allows you to see inside the oven while the food is being cooked and check on its cooking status.
Timers: Helps in properly timing the cooking and baking process to prevent food from getting excessively heated or burnt.
Turbo fan/Convection fan: This feature is included in high-end OTGs. These provide the uniform browning effect. Most useful for baking cookies, brownies and cakes.